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Professional Accounting Solutions | Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Norfolk, NE

Professional Accounting Solutions in Norfolk, NE was created in 1991 to provide small to medium sized businesses with an outsource alternative to an in-house bookkeeping staff. Professional Accounting Solutions has grown to 8 accountants/bookkeepers with varying experience.

How does Professional Accounting Solutions benefit my business?

  • You Save Money - We eliminate the need for expensive full time in house accountants and the need to invest in office hardware and software. By using our accounting services you can streamline your bookkeeping processes so you end up saving money! Your employee accountant not only costs you their salary, but you are also paying for their benefits, (social security, retirement, insurance, unemployment taxes, workman’s compensation insurance, etc.) office space for that employee, fringe benefits such as Christmas bonus’, etc. You no longer need to pay for services you are not receiving when that employee is on vacation or is sick. We charge by the hour and only charge for time that is spent working on your accounting!
  • Achieve a high level of accuracy – Outsourcing accounting and payroll services can be quite beneficial when it comes to generating accurate results from dedicated staff. Professional Accounting Solutions handles accounting and payroll services smoothly and efficiently.
  • Direct deposit through efficient payroll processing – On-time payroll processing enables quick and efficient staff payment through direct deposits.
  • Avoiding penalties during tax processing – Unsuitable payroll administration could lead to incorrect tax filing resulting in tax penalties. Outsourcing payroll processing services to professionals can save companies these hassles and ensure accurate payroll processing.
  • Staying informed with up-to-date accounting status – Accounting and payroll reporting can be obtained regularly. Knowing your financial position and reviewing financial statements is key in managing your business and making well-informed business decisions.
  • All accountants and accounting services are supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 10 years of experience in all facets of accounting. Not only do you eliminate the need to supervise your in-house bookkeeper, but you can rest assured that your monthly services are in good hands.

At the end of the day, the most important question to ask is, "How much bigger, stronger and more efficient can your business become when you get the right accounting team to support you?"  Our outsourced accounting services aren't about providing a basic accounting service that gets you by - it's about giving you great financial support to help you jump start your business to the next level of growth.